New Ulm Journal: Feehan, labor leaders discuss Labor Day

by Clay Schuldt

Dan Feehan, Democratic candidate for Minnesota’s First Congressional District, held a virtual Labor Day listening Session with leaders in organized labor, Monday.

Feehan said it was a chance to talk about the organized labor movement, a chance to reflect on holiday and the difficulty of working in 2020.

“Labor Day is something that has been earned and not given,” he said. “It is an important reminder for the challenges we face, they will not be simply given. They will be earned in much the same way.”

He opposes the right to work laws, preferring to invest in apprenticeships.

“I am going to fight for those jobs by pushing for a large federal infrastructure bill,” he said. He also called for fixing to the health care system in terms of affordable prescription drugs and affordable care. “It is just as critical that puts money back in the pockets of working people.” […] Feehan said as a congressman he would work on the federal side but supported a state bonding bill because both are needed for stability. […]

Feehan said many significant changes will be needed to tackle this pandemic.

“We still have no national strategy,” he said. “We have no national plan to test and trace, nor have we put the resources toward it to have the same testing capabilities for a professional basketball player as we do a teacher.”

Feehan asked the labor leaders what there a top priority for Congress in January 2021. […]

Feehan closed the discussion session by reminding viewers the country is not far from the significant struggles in the labor movement. He views this struggle as part of the significant struggle for equity in this country.

“Equity in the workplace is one of the forefront ways we can fight,” Feehan said.

Feehan’s campaign motto is “People First.” For that reason, he has pledged not to take corporate PAC money. “I want to make sure I am listening to the voices of working people on the ground.”

Feehan said he would fight for workers in Congress. He backs the People’s Right to Organize (PRO) Act to help secure worker’s rights and a federal prevailing wage. “It is not just a function of having a job, it is having a job with the dignity that pays the bills.