The Mankato Free Press: Letter to the editor, Feehan would provide strong leadership

Ever since I first met Dan Feehan I have been impressed with his character. Some politicians take voters for granted, but Feehan made it clear he was responsible for earning our votes. He took time to listen to our questions and concerns and provided genuine, thoughtful answers.

I also remember seeing him teach his sons the importance of treating everyone with understanding and fairness at Mankato Pridefest.

I was moved thinking about the difference a role model like Feehan would have made for me and my peers growing up. I know he will take those same values to fight for opportunities for all southern Minnesotans.

Feehan likes to talk about putting people first. For him, this is not merely a slogan, but a lifestyle. He spent years serving in the military and continues to work tirelessly for his fellow veterans and those currently serving.

He and his wife met when they were both public school teachers and they send their kids to public schools here in Mankato. I know he will take the deep, long-standing respect for education in the Feehan house and bring it to our nation’s House of Representatives.

Dan led his campaign to do community service long before COVID-19. Now they are increasing their efforts to check in on and support those left vulnerable in this pandemic.

We are living in a time of unprecedented challenges to our economy, social fabric, health and lives. We need leaders strong in character to lead us through this and build a stronger nation as we recover. I can think of no one better to meet that challenge than Feehan.