The New Ulm Journal: Letter to the editor, Support Dan Feehan in First District

I support Dan Feehan for US House District 1. Dan understands the needs of our district and will work hard to address the health care challenges that affect the citizens of the first district.

As a physician in practice in rural Minnesota for 30 years, I see the difficulties associated with the high cost of prescription medications and health insurance. Having grown up on a family farm in Freeborn County, I understand how health care costs affect our farmers. How can we assure that all people have access to high quality, affordable health care? How can we assure that care is available close to home? It will take collaboration and cooperation from our elected officials to develop and implement a system that will solve the current problems. Dan Feehan has the skills, experience and knowledge to advance legislation to address these complex issues.

Prescription drug prices are an issue that needs to be addressed in order to have a stable health care system. Drugs made in the USA can be purchased for a fraction of our cost in Mexico, Canada and Europe. Solving the high cost of prescription drugs will require legislation that allows Medicare to negotiate with drug manufacturers on price. Dan Feehan’s leadership experience gives him the skills needed to work with Democrats and Republicans to develop legislation that will be acceptable to both sides. Compromise is necessary to make changes that will help us all.

Dan Feehan will work to bring down prescription drug prices on many fronts, making them affordable and accessible through common- sense reforms. He will work to protect consumers by ensuring there is true price transparency. Furthermore, Dan will address current anticompetitive practices that prevent safe and affordable generic drugs from coming to market. Finally, he will work to increase affordability by allowing Medicare to use its purchasing power to negotiate directly with prescription drug companies. Dan Feehan will represent the needs of our district and work across the aisle to find solutions to the health care issues in our region.