Winona Daily News: Letter to the editor, Feehan will build sense of community

Though our nation has been rocked by protests and sapped by the coronavirus pandemic, we must remember that the Nov. 3 election is rapidly approaching.

Our choices then must be influenced by what we see around us right now. Our current problems result from conditions that already existed and were not adequately addressed; therefore, we must support problem solvers like Dan Feehan, whose experiences as a teacher, paren, and military serviceperson inform his plans for improving the lives of everyday people.

Dan Feehan knows that the best way to prevent effects like systemic racism and widespread economic damage is to establish strong systems providing health care for all, corruption-free government and opportunities for young adults entering the workforce.

Dan Feehan takes a special interest in helping Minnesota farmers attain greater economic security and sustainability.

He also seeks to adapt the tax code’s approach to child-care costs, so that providers can flourish in their chosen vocation and be rewarded for their essential work while parents can benefit from tax credits that make child-care costs affordable.

His focus is on the importance of community — of ensuring its benefits for all people. A vote for Dan Feehan creates the opportunity for the positive changes that will help improve daily lives of all Americans.